Here event hosts will find all of the resources that they need to host a Bhaav event. We have everything for you, including event descriptions, postcards to send out (or we can even send them for you), technical requirements, and the Bhaav contract rider.
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Group and Individual Photos

Here you will find group and individual photos to use in promo for your event.

Bhaav Bios

Short bios of the individual members of Bhaav

Bhaav Kirtan Event Press Release

If you wish to make a press release about your Kirtan you can use this template, which you only have to edit with your own information of date and time..

Bhaav Short and Long Kirtan Event descriptions

Here you will find Event descriptions, some with brief bios if you want to send a description of the Kirtan to your mailing list or use for other promo. Feel free to modify these as you like.

Bhaav Postcard and Flyer templates

These Flyers and Postcards are premade, you only have to put the date and time of your event, or you can take the templates and customize them as you wish. Adobe Photoshop files are also available on request by contacting steve @ or calling (727) 228-6271

Bhaav Technical and Hospitality Rider

Here you will find the Bhaav hospitality rider, technical requirements and other information that hosts need in order to work with us and have a successful event.

Stage Chart

Stage plot for stage personnel.

Larger venues and festivals can ignore the seating instructions.

Group and Individual Photos

Bhaav Short and Long Kirtan Event Descriptions

Bhaav Postcard and Flyer Templates